Why Is Alkaline Reverse Osmosis System Better ?



Electrolysis does not filter or purify the water


Most of the popular alkaline water ionizers sold today use a separation technology known as electrolysis to separate the water into acidic and alkaline water streams. Electrolysis does not filter or purify the water, it simply divides the incoming water flow into an alkaline stream and an acidic stream. The secret that alkaline water treatment devices which use electrolysis do not want you to learn is that any alkaline contaminants (anions) in the water such as Fluoride (F-), Mercury (HgCl3 1-), Sulfate (SO42-), or Nitrate (NO3-) will be carried along with the good alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium) in the product drinking water.


Furthermore not only are the bad alkaline contaminants carried along into the product water stream -- they are actually concentrated so that, if present, they will be found in higher concentrations than before the electrolysis treatment because those contaminants were evenly distributed across a larger quantity of water that has now been concentrated into one side of a divided water stream. If present the product water will also contain chemical contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and VOCs if it does not incorporate and activated carbon filter. There is a much better alternative for meeting your family's alkaline water needs.


· Trusted purification by reverse osmosis


PurePro alkaline reverse osmosis system gives you the finest mineral water by first stripping the water clean of virtually all contaminants - both good and bad - using the trusted reverse osmosis (RO) process, multiple carbon and sediment filtration stages, then channels the highly pure, but slightly acidic water through our remineralize filter -using our patented Technology to rejuvenate and restore ONLY calcium and magnesium ions to make the water alkaline (pH 8.0—9.5). The result is highly pure, alkaline water, containing only desirable minerals.



8-Stage Water Filtration System- Boost Your Immune System !

This revolutionary new 8 stage system uses Reverse Osmosis, Mineral Filter, Infra-red Filter and Alkaline Filter to put refreshing, clean water at your fingertips. No other system available anywhere can give you all three kinds of purification in a system that is so simple.



Understanding pH Balance

Healthy and Convenient!  PurePro pH-balanced drinking water filter systems.




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