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PurePro EZ-105 Green


EZ-105 Green Series   


Turn your tap water into pure delicious drinking water for just pennies a day !



   PurePro No.1 Quality RO 







PurePro®  USA Easy-Change Reverse Osmosis System

Turn your tap water into pure delicious drinking water for just pennies a day !

While Today's tap water can contain a broad range of impurities and contaminants. PurePro® Reverse Osmosis systems tackle the broadest spectrum of water impurities possible. Only RO filtration is capable of reducing impurities ranging from bacteria and viruses to agricultural run-off products like pesticides and fertilizers, to dissolved metals like lead, arsenic and iron.

Studies have shown that RO technology is one of the more effective technologies at reducing trace contaminants like perfluorocarbons and trace pharmaceuticals.


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PurePro ® Reverse Osmosis (RO) is recognized as one of the best available technologies for producing best quality drinking water. It's also the same method used by many bottled water companies to make safe and great tasting water.  No other home water treatment system can offer you as much protection and reliability.
EZ-105 comes complete with a NSF certified 3.2 gallons water storage tank, PurePro RO / NF Membrane (Made in USA)  and all the necessary fittings, installation kits, extra color 1/4" tubing, and a long-reach chrome faucet.

3.2 Gallons NSF Standards Water Storage Tank.
Use easy-change cartridge design makes filter changes fast, clean and easy.
Automatic Shut-off Valve, Mini Flow Restrictor, Stainless Steel Check Valve. 
Long Reach Chrome Faucet (upgrade faucet is acceptable)
Feed water connector.
Drain Saddle Valve.
Four Color Coded 1/4 inch Tubing for System Connection 
Completely Assembled
100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation.
Installation Instruction. 

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EZ-105 system provides your family with premium water for drinking and cooking at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. That means no more deliveries, heavy containers, storage problems, spills, or bottle deposits.



(Stage 1) Easy-Change 5 Micron Sediment Filter :
With only five micron rating. It is effective in removing dirt, rust and sand particles.
(Stage 2) Easy-Change Granular Activated Carbon Filter:
It takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color.
(Stage 3) Easy-Change Granular Activated Carbon Filter :
It takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color.
(Stage 4) Reverse Osmosis Membrane:
A thin film composite (TFC) high quality membrane that processes 50 gallons per day. It remove the following hard water contaminants that may be present in your water: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium.

(Stage 4) Nanofiltration (NF) Membrane : (optional)
PurePro® RO system (with NF membrane) is designed for the people who still want to keep the natural mineral element inside the water. The size of the pores on the NF membrane are 0.0008 microns allowing it to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, viral contaminants, and other dangerous elements while still allowing valuable minerals to pass through, for your body to absorb. (PurePro USA Catalogues.)
(Stage 5) Post Carbon filter:
This carbon post filter removes objectionable tastes and odors to enhance the quality of your drinking water. We are using NSF approved post carbon to guarantee the taste of water.
(Stage 6) Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer: (optional)
Ultraviolet light (UV), a natural part of the sunlight is widely accepted as a reliable, efficient & environmentally friendly solution for water disinfection. This UV lamp utilize the application of particularly efficient UV radiator with a 254nm wave length to cause immediate death for organisms and wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce. 99.99% DESTRUCTION OF BACTERIA AND VIRUSES  ( ERS-106-UV.)



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EZ-105 Green Series ( PUREPRO NO.1 Quality RO System )        




Why is reverse osmosis better?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems include mechanical filtration to remove particles, carbon absorption and absorption to remove chlorine, taste, odor and chemical contaminants, as well as membrane separation down to 0.0001 microns. RO membranes remove dissolved solids at the ionic level. No other purification system can provide better removal.


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Membrane: 50 GPD / 189 LPD 
Operation pressure: 50 -100 psi 
Dimensions:(cm) 29 (L) x 42.5(H) x 21 (W) - system
                  (cm) 28 (L) x 28(W) x 35 (H)- tank 
Weight: 8 kg - system
            4 kg - tank 

Model Number
EZ-105 Green Series :     EZ-105 Green Series RO system
EZ-105P Green Series :   EZ-105 Green Series  With Booster Pump

Water, water everywhere…and lots of dangerous plastic bottles everywhere.
Worldwide, people are buying billions of dollars of water in plastic bottles. When the cost of that bottled water is calculated taking into consideration the price of producing the water, the energy required for manufacturing, the oil needed to make the plastic bottles and the green-house gasses emitted during production and transportation…the cost of that water - the dangerous effects of plastic to our bodies and our planet - is much greater than you think.  ( No More Bottled Water! )

Why is Reverse Osmosis better?


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We export high quality RO components. ( Highest Quality, Made in USA & Taiwan)



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