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Water Ionizer JA-703

7 Plates - High negative ORP !




PurePro Best Product 2018  !









PurePro® 7 Platinum Titanium Plates, highest & constant pH, high negative ORP !

Drinking antioxidant water is probably the single most important thing you can do for your health and well-being. More plates in a water ionizer means higher negative ORP level and more hydrogen gas bubbles. PurePro 7 plates water ionizer can help you flush excess toxins from your body !   (Same as Kangen Water ! )


Alkaline Ionized Water is one of the greatest preventative health advances and technological marvels of the 21st century, yet it has gone almost entirely unnoticed. Ionized Water is a powerful Antioxidant providing the body with tremendous amounts of oxygen and therefore lots of Energy. It is very Alkaline and helps neutralize and flush acid waste from the body. It is a superior Hydrator and Detoxifier because Ionized Water molecule clusters have been "reduced" in size (from 10 to 5) and therefore is "lighter". Ionized Water's smaller size allows it to hydrate your body more effectively, pushing out toxins as it easily passes through your body's tissue. ( Hydrogen-rich water from water ionizer )




PurePro® Water Ionizer - It Save Lives
The world's number one water ionizer is PurePro Water Ionizer. It comes with the large 7 platinum coated pure titanium plates, 1368 Sq cm. (est. life 20 yrs, latest Japanese University technology). It produces an Ionized Water of about 11.00 pH or higher, depending on your water source. Regarding quality and ionization strength, the PurePro Water Ionizer is comparable to any other water ionizer on the market.



Automatic Electrode Cleaning
New technique of automatic water flow regulation reverses polarity of the electrode plate and changes water flow direction. Thus, alkaline and acid water is available for use even while the machine is cleaning. ( ★ Alkaline Water Demonstration Video ).

Five levels of alkaline water. 
Two levels of acid water, including super-oxide.
Filter water (non-ionized) - by Silver Coated Activated Carbon Filter
7 Platinum Pure Titanium Plates, 1368 Sq cm.
Stainless steel output spout
Stylish upright look with full electronic LED panel.
Water flow display indicator.pH display indicator
High negative ORP water (The Doctor's Choice! )
Built-in auto-flushing electrode.
Unique post-operation automatic and silent cleansing for extended lifespan
Sound confirmation every time you select a different pH level
Hydrogen-rich Water ( Antioxidant Water )  
Filter usage liquid crystal display indicator
Easy 1-minute change filter compartment  (Alkaline Water Demonstration )
Optional ability to connect direct to plumbing and operate under mains pressure


7 plates water ionizer can help you flush excess toxins from your body.


Voltage : AC-110V / AC-240V. 
Electricity: DC-2A~6A
Electrolysis Chamber: Area: 1368cm2
Power consumption: 100-200W
ORO level : +500MV ~ -700MV
Filtration Capacity: 12,000L
Dimensions: (cm) 31.5 (H) x 25.5 (W)  x 13.5 (L)
Weight: 5.5 kg

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Introducing Alkaline Ionized Water
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How alkaline water can change your life!
Alkaline Water Demonstration 
Alkaline Water Demo (Testimony) 


Alkaline Ionized Water ( Hydrogen-rich Water ) :

If you are healthy now, then drink alkaline ionized water to help stay healthy through prevention. However, if your health is currently less than perfect, then take one of the shortest paths to recovery by drinking alkaline ionized water. It's a pretty simple decision. Save thousands of dollars on bottled water and improve your health at the same time.  ( U.S. National Medical Research )




Antioxidant water ( Hydrogen-rich Water )   ( U.S. National Medical Research )
PurePro Water Ionizer is currently being manufactured in Taiwan and is one of the best selling water ionizers available in the USA. It had the patent and awards throughout the world (Japan, Taiwan, HK...etc) It is an extremely popular unit because it is an affordable extremely high quality unit.


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U.S. National Medical Research 

The Greatest Drinking Water Experience on Earth !

PurePro® USA Water Ionizers:

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